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How this site works

Search lots

To find the lots that interest you the most there are different ways you can search our website:
- You can use the search window by entering a keyword. Our system then checks the whole website for this keyword and gives you a list with every lot that matches it.
- The filter tool lets you select existing brands, models etc. and then presents you a list of all lots that match your chosen criteria.
- Are you looking for let's say "luxury cars"? Then you are actually looking for expensive cars.. To take out all the expensive lots as quickly as possible, you can use the "Sort by" feature. This provides the ability to sort all lots by price, reference, assignment date and popularity in both rising and falling line by using the arrows.


Once you have found an interesting lot, it's time to inspect the lot on quality, condition, etc. Our webiste makes this very easy because of the detailed photos and descriptions added to the lots. Basic data are clearly displayed, options are described in detail, all the (visible) damage is listed and even illustrated with photos.

NEW FEATURE: In the new website you can even zoom in on all the pictures! By clicking and holding down the left mouse button you can inspect the lots even bertter and even spot the smallest details.

In other words by using the website correctly you can get a good view of all the lots and especially their condition. However, we do advise all potential buyers to inspect the lots on site at the visiting days with the respective autioneer to avoid any problems.[/b]


Did you find an interesting lot? Then it's time to Register !

To participate in any auction on it is required to register. This can be done in a flash by making use of our registration form. In 3 easy steps you are ready to go!

NOTE: After completing the form, an activation email asking you to confirm your registration will be sent to your email adress. Please note that this email might end up in your spam folder, make sure to check this.

Email settings

Once your account is activated through the link in the activation mail you will automatically enter the page where you can set up your personal profile.
Here you can indicate your area of interest, e.g. "Cars" or "Excavators". In the first case, you will receive a weekly email with an overview of the new lots in this category to keep you posted at all times.

Other settings you can determine include whether or not you wish to receive an email if someone places a higher bid or to confirm your own bids etc.


Now it's time for the real deal, participating in an auction.

This can be done by using the "Offer" button which is seen on all lots. If you click this you will be brought to the bidding page where you will again get a small overview of the lot. This makes sure you will always bid on the right lot. You also get a clear schedule which shows how much you are offering and even more important how much you will actually pay (including auction fees and VAT, if applicable). This way you'll never pay a penny too much!

Once you have determined your maximum bid you can start participating. This can be done in two ways:
- Regular Offer: Here you enter a single amount you wich to pay for the lot
- Proxy Bid: This type of bid allows you to set a maximum price you wish to pay for the lot. Our system will then take it from there and place a bid every time someone outbids you untill your limit is reached. Super easy when you are not able to bid at the closing time of the auction.

ATTENTION: Regular offers are prioritized over proxy bids!

Other types of sales

In addition to auctions, Legal Brokers offers other types of sales:

- Buy Now This type of sale rarely happens and involves a lot auctioned in the normal manner but an asking price is also set. A purchaser can buy the lot immediately at any time of the auction by clicking the buy now button. As a result all other bid will be recalled.
- Industrial Here Legal Brokers offers industrial equipment sold by private sales. Therefore bidding through the website is not possible.
- Takeover : This section is used to advertise takeovers of businesses. Again bids are not possible through the website.
- Real Estate : In this section all real estate is being brought together an sold privatly. Again bids through the website are not possible.

Terms of purchase